1907 - 1922 Opening doors to manufacturing motorcycles

BKS1907 - From door to door

On the 7th November 1907 the BOGE organisation was founded in Bielefeld, Germany. Otto Boge, the Company founder, initially sold, installed and maintained a range of automatic door-closing devices. From its earliest beginnings, Boge recognised that his company was first and foremost a service organisation.

EGOB1919 - Tools of the trade

After the war, a new start in a small workshop where BOGE began designing and making tools for the manufacture and repair of automobile engines; equalizing forks for crankshafts, valve-seat cutters  and connecting-rod alignment devices for the repair and overhaul of automobile engines. The products themselves were not named BOGE but enjoyed the trade-name EGOB until the 1930?s.

Motorcycles1922 - BOGE on the road to success

Various motorcycle models were designed, produced and sold between 1922-1925. Originally using engines from other firms, they were later fitted with engines made by BOGE themselves. More production space was rented for this venture and the workforce rose to 120 employees.