1925 - 1937 Compressing Air

Piston compressor1925 - Innovation, not imitation

The motorcycle was the right product at the wrong time. The Depression made the market difficult and the company was soon in crisis. The motorcycle production-line was closed down because it was no longer viable. BOGE began the development and production of piston-type compressors for the generation of compressed air.

Petrol Station1930’s - In the fast lane

In the 1930’s compressed air was used practically entirely for automobile purposes: petrol stations, garages and vehicle workshops all used compressed air for inflating car tyres. BOGE captured this keen industry with the in-line piston compressors, paint spray systems, tyre inflation and pressure gauges in the form of wall-mounted units, free standing pillar devices as portable products or in pistol form.

Service Van1935 - The direct path to the customer

Well thought out attention to service has always been a tradition at BOGE. The first service van was introduced in 1935, so that small-scale repairs could be carried out quickly and on the spot. Today, proximity to customers and customer service are still an important part of the company’s philosophy.