1937 - 1960's Limitless Air

Premises1937 - Limitless air

In 1937, the company bought 5600 m2 of land from the Dürkopp factory and transferred its operations there, following comprehensive renovation and the construction of new buildings. Otto Boge did not live to see the completion of the new company in Meller Straße. He caught a lung infection during long days spent in the smart new buildings and as a result, died on 24th December 1937.

Ernst Thomas (1895-1980) was the son-in-law of Otto Boge. From 1922, he worked alongside the founder and guided and shaped the business until 1975.

Export1938 - Exporting to new markets

BOGE exported compressed air technology for the world’s market from as early on as 1938. Compressors from Bielefeld became a by-word the world over.

1950’s - First the shortages, then the boom!

In the period after the Second World War, finding raw materials was a daily challenge. It was not uncommon to travel from Bielefeld to Münster for iron tokens in order to get boilers from Siegen...
However, the 1950’s also brought a complete breakthrough in the industrial use of compressed air, which took over from mechanical transmission systems to an ever greater extent as the economy prospered.

Ernst Thomas meets Ludwig Erhard1960’s - Growth, prosperity and team spirit!

1961: Visitors like this are always welcome! Ernst Thomas informs the Economics Minister of the time, Ludwig  Erhard, about how things are going.
1964: the BOGE buildings in the Meller Straße were given an extra storey as business prospered.
1965: Wolfgang Meier-Scheuven, the 3rd generation of the Boge family, becomes a Managing Partner.