1990's - 2000's An air of possibility

1990’s - BOGE World-wide

During the 1990’s BOGE developed subsidiaries to meet the demands of international markets in; Great Britain (1996), Italy (1999) and Singapore (1996) to name but a few.
1995: Wolf. D Meier-Scheuven, the fourth generation of the Boge family, becomes a Managing Partner.

1994 - Oil-Free Product Innovation

With or without oil?
Since 1994 there has been a new technical option:
oil-free screw and piston type compressors.
Runs without oil, as though it were lubricated.

BOGE China2000’s - Looking to the future - BOGE 100 (so far!)

2004: Something new in the East - BOGE opens its first overseas production plant in China.
2005: BOGE opens a subsidiary in Perth, Australia to serve the compressed air needs of Australasia.
2007: The centenary anniversary for BOGE.