The Better Way

A Better Way - Introducing the BOGE S Series

All BOGE S series screw compressors are deliberately divided into three sections:

Electric and drive section
The motor, electrical cabinet and the intake filter are located in the cold/cool area of the system.

The motor is sited in the main cooling air intake flow, which means;
- the coolest air crosses the motor first,
- an increased service life.

The ambient cooling air also cools the switch cabinet and electrical components which ensures:
- Low component temperature
- Extended service life

The compressor intake filter is also sited in the coolest air section. This ensures the best possible free air delivery by increasing the volumetric efficiency.

Compressor section
A multifunction intake regulator and a horizontal pre-separation vessel are sited at the lowest point. An external, spin-on, final separator assembly is above and flanged directly onto the horizontal pre-separation tank. The airend is flanged directly onto the pre-separation vessel. The whole set is mounted on a vibration damped sub-frame.

Cooling section
All BOGE S series screw compressors are designed to harness the laws of physics:
An autonomous generously sized cooling air fan fan/cooler assembly is sited at the top of the system in the cooling air exhaust and provides several times the minimum required volume for the system.

Heat management
The oil cooler and aftercooler are both located at the top of the system outlet, which means:
- Chimney effect during standstill (warm air rises!)
- No build-up of heat-spots during standstill
- Low cabinet temperature (components do not heat up during stand still)
- Low compressed air discharge temperature thanks to amply sized aftercooler
- Problem-free cooling air exhaust - ducting easily connected at top of compressor

The oil always flows back into the horizontal separator vessel, which is located at the lowest point in the system.
- Primary oil separation takes place due to a rapid decrease in velocity which causes precipitation
- Constant low residual oil carryover, only 1-3 mg/m³ in every operating mode due to efficient pre-separation and no pressure loss.
- Horizontal oil reservoir means large surface area, which means vastly reduced oil foam level at load reversal. The external spin-on final separator therefore never comes in to contact with oil foam or any dirt particles that may be ingested via the air intake. This can extend the separator life to 8000 hours depending on prevailing site conditions.
- Better oil cooler efficiency due to optimum de-areation.

Patented GM drive system
(Patent No.: 44 13 422)
At standstill, the ventilated, high performance V-belt is pre-tensioned by the motor weight, in conjunction with the geometrical arrangement of the GM drive. The spring tension is permanently pre-set at the factory (this serves to compensate for different motor weights) in order to ensure optimum pretensioning.

- Belt slip is vastly reduced
- Belt life is optimised