Your benefits!

Here are just some of the built-in BOGE compressor benefits that our customers are enjoying world-wide:

Service friendly layout - easy access

BOGE S series screw compressors utilise the same layout and design concept across the range harnessing the laws of physics.
The system has 3 clearly designated sections.
The cool electrics and motor section, the service-friendly layout of the compressor section and the autonomous fan/cooler section.

Your benefits:

Optimum ease of access to all components - nothing is obstructed.
BOGE screw compressors need fewer components than conventional models; this saves on service and spare parts costs and increases availability and operating reliability.
All maintenance work can be done quickly and from one side, minimising maintenance costs.

The BOGE airend

The heart of every screw compressor is the airend. BOGE airends have a screw profile designed for optimum performance. They have been designed using state of the art technology and are exceptionally economical and reliable. Modern production equipment, the finest tolerances and top grade materials ensures greater reliability.

Your benefits:

Optimised efficiency through power curve. Reliability brought about by collaboration with world famous airend manufacturers.

The patented GM drive system

All BOGE belt-driven screw compressors retain constant belt tension in every operating phase, thanks to the patented GM drive system, which automatically compensates for the different forces of motor weight, start up torque and running torque.

Your benefits:
Maintenance free operation, with belt slippage virtually eliminated, re-tensioning not required and little risk of dirt contamination.

The innovative oil separation system

The cornerstone of the BOGE safety oil separation system is the horizontally mounted oil separation vessel with the direct flange mounted airend discharge linked to the external spin-on final separator cartridge.

Your benefits:

A separation system with no pressure losses which guarantees a very low residual oil content of only 1 - 3 mg/m³ in every operating mode. A spin-on separator cartridge that lasts longer and reduces the downstream treatment of compressed air. Both benefits prove the integrity of the BOGE oil separation design.

Maintenance free multifunction intake regulator

An ingenious BOGE development which not only hermetically seals as an intake regulator but also allows a valve-less oil circuit with no need for an oil stop valve nor a check valve. The BOGE multifunction regulator design eliminates numerous hoses and connections found in conventional screw compressor design.

Your benefits:

Off load the BOGE system unloads to atmospheric pressure which means that there are energy cost savings in start up. The multifunction regulator is intrinsically safe in operation which, means that in the event of a breakdown it fails safe. Hermetic sealing ensures that there can be no oil vapour escape in blow down, which means that the compressor stays clean for years.

The BOGE intelligent compressor control

An energy efficient monitoring and compressor control system. Three models, BASIC, FOCUS and PRIME offer almost every option from the simplest requirement to the most sophisticated bms interface.

Your benefits:

Intelligent selection of the most energy efficient running mode saves energy and unnecessary component wear.
Can provide real time data when used in conjunction with remote monitoring systems that ensures sustainable energy efficiency.
(see airtelligence below)

BOGE silencing

The rubber feet, vibration damped
sub-frame, nylon laminated sound insulated fibre mat acoustic lining with additional sound damping acoustic pods sited in the air intake duct (from S31-2) all help to provide an extremely pleasant sound pressure level that varies little in load changes.

Your benefits:

Reduced sound pressure levels mean work place installation possible.

BOGE Energy Saving Solutions Frequency Control

The SF series works strictly in accordance with the compressed air demand by producing the exact volume of compressed air at the pressure required. Correctly specified frequency controlled compressors eliminate idling time and even out air demand fluctuations. Energy costs can therefore be reduced considerably.

Your benefits:

- Eliminate off-load running
- Even out demand fluctuations
- Maintain exact pressure

BOGE Energy Saving Solutions
Syprem 8000 S

A high class full-synthetic premium oil, exclusive to BOGE, with excellent performance properties. Syprem 8000 S is formulated as a premium quality lubricant and cooling agent with an extremely high service life (up to 9000 operating hours possible).

Your benefits:

- Energy saving
- Higher volumetric efficiency
- Oil consumption and top-up requirements reduced

BOGE Energy Saving Solutions

airtelligence PROVIS

airtelligence PROVIS predictively optimises up to 16 compressors in a combined compressor system and also visually displays all crucial efficiency parameters providing a clear illustration of the operating behaviour of your installation to keep your operating costs under control at all times. Such information can be accessed any place around the world through an interface with your web server.

Your benefits:

Creates sustainable energy (carbon) savings from your existing compressed air system.
Provides an on-going audit to track system changes in order to maintain optimum efficiency.