06/2009 - BOGE sets new standard

BOGE has recently extended the popular CL series range by introducing 7.5, 11 and 15 kW models. These models represent "the best of class" with clear performance advantages in both volume flow and specific power consumption.

The CL series from BOGE has long since been a popular choice with the smaller industrial compressed air users such as workshops and garages where these small and quiet screw compressors have been the ideal solution.

BOGE has now expanded the CL series range by introducing three new models that extend the power band on this range up to 15 kW. The new BOGE CL 10, CL 15 and CL 20 additionally supersede the BOGE S 10, S 15 and S20-2 models. As such, improvements have been made on volume flow, specific power consumption and price against these former models.

The volume flow (m3/min) of the new CL series models has improved by up to 17%. Additionally, the specific power consumption (kW/m3/min) has improved by up to 6%. For the user this translates into the delivery of more air for less power consumption.
Perhaps importantly in the current economic climate, the price of the new CL series models is extremely competitive next to the former models - up to 24% less expensive - this means a significant price advantage over a number of competing models available on the marketplace - up to 42% cheaper than our Euro counterparts alone!

Technical data also reveals that the new CL models have clear benefits in volume flow and specific power consumption against the competition. In fact, data confirms that the output of the new CL models is up to 10% better than the main competitors.
Without a doubt, the extended CL range offers the end user the best possible price / performance ratio.

This new CL series embodies all the advantages gained from the existing range. The very low sound pressure levels, the maintenance friendly construction and the small footprint due to a compact design.

The BOGE modular design concept ensures that there is a compressor package for every requirement. The new CL series models are available as stand-alone screw compressors (CL), receiver mounted (CL-) or as a receiver mounted version with a refrigerant dryer (CLD-).

The BOGE CL series has always offered great value for money and has already proven to be a winner in its class where reliability and longevity are prerequisites for the end users. Continual product development has ensured that this is even more the case with these new models!

The CL series is available in the standard pressure of 10 and 13 bar. Output capacities range from 0.234 - 2.24 m3/min, motor power 2.2 to 15 kW.

BOGE sets new standard
The extended range offers the end user the best possible price/performance ratio (model shown the BOGE CLD10RM350)

Editors Notes

BOGE Compressors Ltd is the UK Daughter Company of BOGE International GmbH based in Bielefeld, Germany. BOGE manufactures a comprehensive range of oil lubricated and oil free screw and piston compressors used by all sectors of industry to supply compressed air for a wide range of manufacturing processes. It also supplies a complementary range of filters, dryers and condensate management equipment. The product is sold and serviced through a dedicated network of 36 distributors throughout the UK and Ireland.

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