02/2010 - Optimise your compressed air system

BOGE has recently introduced AIReport a sophisticated compressed air auditing system which can simultaneously analyse up to 12 compressors. Logged data will then identify where compressed air savings can be made leading to an optimised compressed air system and reduced energy costs. Running an energy efficient compressed air system is one way to ensure you keep your operating costs down in the current economic climate. Fixing air leaks, adapting compressed air demand to changes in manufacturing or production patterns and where appropriate upgrading to energy efficient technologies such as a frequency controlled screw compressor will reduce waste and can all lead to significant energy savings.

Assessing your existing compressed air system is the first step to reduce waste. BOGE has recently introduced AIReport a compressed air auditing system to assist with the efficient and precise assessment of a compressed air system.

Up to 12 compressors can be logged simultaneously with the BOGE AIRreport allowing a professional evaluation of the entire compressor station. AIReport additionally measures the associated equipment such as the compressed air dryer. Data logged can then be graphically viewed including reports on; pressure dew point, flow rate, net pressure profile and so on. This data accumulates into a report which highlights the current cost of any system in-efficiencies such as idling times and so on.

By analysing your existing compressed air system wastage can be identified and actions can be taken to eliminate unnecessary costs which in most cases start with low and no cost methods such as repairing air leaks.

Where an investment into energy saving technology is recommended there are funding routes available to assist the user which may be critical in the current economic climate. One such route may be to apply for an interest free energy efficiency loan from the Carbon Trust.

The AIReport service from BOGE is available nationwide. Contact BOGE on freephone 0800 318104 for more information.

Optimise energy usage with BOGE AIReport
AIReport is a sophisticated compressed air auditing system which can simultaneously analyse up to 12 compressors

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