BST's - Our Service Technician's

Through an established distributor network, as well as flourishing Northern and Southern Sales and Service Centres, BOGE provides a comprehensive compressor maintenance and breakdown provision.

Maintaining your compressed air system should be carried out by trained personnel. At BOGE, we invest much time and resource into ensuring that, BOGE Service Technicians, have up-to-date knowledge and training when maintaining our customers compressed air systems.

BOGE Service Technician
BOGE’s commitment to training and education has led to the introduction of the rigorous in-house training course for distributor engineers. All engineers who successfully complete the training course are issued with an accredited ID badge that identifies them as a ‘BOGE Service Technician’ for a three-year period. This assures our customers that their compressor is in safe hands!

A Comprehensive Maintenance Service

  • Comprehensive UK coverage; BOGE authorised technicians are available throughout the UK
  • Rigorously trained BOGE Service Technicians; all BST’s are factory trained
  • Compliance with the 5-year warranty; using an authorised BOGE Technician to service the BOGE screw compressor will ensure compliance with the UK extended warranty gift (the FREE five year warranty passport)