10/2005 - BOGE slices Bakery's compressed air energy costs in half!

BOGE Compressors Ltd has assisted Brace’s Bakery Limited, a premium bread manufacturer based in Crumlin, in reducing their compressed air energy costs by some £18,500 per annum by installing three state-of-the-art BOGE screw compressors; two fixed speed and a variable speed frequency controlled unit - a well recognised energy efficient compressed air solution. Brace’s Bakery chose to fund this new energy efficient equipment through a Carbon Trust interest free ‘Energy-Efficiency’ Loan. Brace’s Bakery produces and delivers a range of bakery produce to over 2,500 stores within Wales and the south of England from its production facility in Crumlin. Compressed air is used to operate equipment throughout the baking and packaging process.

Brace’s Bakery recently opened a new production facility as part of their continuing drive to expand operations. In doing so, Adrian McGrath, the Engineering Manager, inherited the compressed air system from their existing site and invited, long standing compressed air service provider BOGE Compressors, to evaluate the forthcoming service and maintenance needs.

After surveying the inherited compressed air system, Martin Warburton, the General Manager of BOGE Wales Sales and Service Centre, estimated that substantial, energy and cost savings could be made to the running of the compressed air system.
BOGE subsequently conducted a site energy audit which revealed that the existing, and ageing, compressors were oversized for the site compressed air requirements creating both high energy costs and unnecessary service costs.
BOGE recommended replacing the ageing compressors with two new fixed speed screw compressors along with a new variable speed compressor in order to meet the fluctuating compressed air demand requirements in an energy efficient manner.
Furthermore, based on current energy usage, electricity costs and average compressed air demand, BOGE estimated that by installing the new compressors a significant saving could be achieved that would save more than half of their existing annual energy costs!
Brace’s Bakery was keen to make the necessary changes to the compressed air system in order to make the projected energy savings.

Martin Warburton informed Brace’s Bakery of the Carbon Trust’s interest free ‘energy-efficiency’ loan, which is aimed at SME’s within the UK who are making a commitment to save energy by investing in energy efficient technologies to replace dated existing equipment.
Subsequently Brace’s Bakery chose to fund the new energy efficient equipment through a Carbon Trust interest free ‘Energy-Efficiency’ Loan and three new BOGE screw compressors were installed.

BOGE SF series frequency controlled screw compressors work strictly in accordance with the compressed air demand by producing the exact volume of compressed air at the pressure required. Frequency control minimises idling time and evens out air demand fluctuations.
For Brace’s Bakery, this ensures the most economical and efficient use of the compressed air regardless of peak or off-peak air demands or fluctuations in production levels.
The BOGE SF series is well recognised as an energy efficient solution. In the right application energy usage and associated costs can be significantly reduced especially where there is a highly fluctuating demand pattern, as can be the case for Brace’s Bakery, when used in conjunction with fixed speed machines.

Adrian McGrath concluded: "BOGE Compressors has always provided us with an exceptional maintenance and service package and in this instance they again provided us with an exceptional service; sound energy knowledge and project support that has been second to none."

Employing BOGE SF series frequency controlled screw
compressors ensures the most economical and efficient
use of the compressed air regardless of peak or off-peak
air demands or fluctuations in production levels.

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