10/2004 - Cadbury Trebor Bassett Savings Taste Sweeter With BOGE

BOGE Compressors has assisted the Cadbury Trebor Bassett production site at Sheffield in realising energy and production cost savings. This has been achieved through a joint philosophy of creating continual improvements to their compressed air system. Energy Efficiency firmly on the agenda
The Cadbury Trebor Bassett factory based in Sheffield produces some of the groups well-known gums, liquorice and mints including Maynard Wine Gums and Trebor Extra Strong Mints.
The engineering maintenance department has many reasons to improve the energy efficiency on the site. All Cadbury Trebor Bassett factory’s world-wide have to centrally report their energy costs and site power efficiencies are compared in this manner. Furthermore, the energy tax (the Climate Change Levy) created additional external demands to make energy cost cuts or face hefty price increases. The site service manager must therefore continually find ways to keep energy and maintenance costs associated with compressed air down. This has and continues to be an on-going goal for the site service manager, Bob Rowland.

The BOGE energy management system is introduced
The site has recently introduced the Boge MCS Professional Plus to the compressor house in order to manage and reduce compressed air energy costs.
The Boge MCS Professional Plus is a non-intrusive predictive compressed air management system. By sending signals to and from the compressors controllers, the management system can predict, and switch, compressor combinations being used in order that the required volume of air at the optimum pressure at each point in time is met in the most efficient manner. In doing so it ensures that the best possible use of compressed air is delivered in the most energy efficient way (kW/m3/min).
When the Boge MCS Professional Plus was first installed at the Cadbury Trebor Bassett site in Sheffield, the compressor system was monitored over a set time period, to benchmark the existing production demand levels. The management system was then set to work in order to optimise the installed compressor system - over a corresponding set time period and again taking into account the production demand levels - the net energy savings could then be revealed.

Savings Taste Sweeter with BOGE
Following optimisation the results proved that the annual generation costs for compressed air had reduced by 10% and the overall system efficiency had improved by 13.67%. In one step the Sheffield site had improved its efficiency!

Optimisation Savings Summary

  • Annual KWh/energy cost savings 21%
  • System efficiency improvement kW/m3/min 13.67%
  • System payback capital and installation within 11 months
  • Most importantly control and savings are on-going year on year on year on year...
The Boge MCS Professional Plus continuous monitoring facility has also identified other areas of energy saving opportunity within the compressed air system. Base load usage, process misuse and wastage are identified and quantified within the monitoring and targeting facility. Future corrective action taken is transparent and the benefit realised in additional tangible energy savings.

As the future process requirements change, the Boge MCS Professional Plus will track and report on the compressed air consumption. Regardless of any changes in demand Cadbury Trebor Bassett will be able to monitor and maintain their system efficiency ensuring the future cost of supplying compressed air to the business is constantly optimised.

Savings taste sweeter with BOGE!
BOGE has assisted the Cadbury Trebor Bassett production site in
Sheffield in reducing their compressed air energy consumption.
Cadbury Trebor Bassett in Sheffield produce some of the groups
well-known gums, liquorice and mints including Liquorice Allsorts.

The BOGE MCS Professional Plus has assisted the Cadbury Trebor
Bassett site at Sheffield in reducing their annual generation costs by 10%.

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