08/2006 - Henrob commits to BOGE for an energy efficient solution

Henrob, a world leader in self-pierce fastening technology, has realised a 16 percent drop in energy costs over a period of just three months by installing a BOGE SF 100-2 frequency controlled screw compressor. This new installation powers many of the pneumatic functions within their prestigious Deeside manufacturing site. Henrob design and manufacture innovative joining solutions utilising their self-pierce riveting (SPR) technology which is used in many industry sectors, such as the; construction, heating & ventilation and automotive industries.

Within the automotive sector, for example, SPR technology is used on the vehicle production lines to join aluminium, composite and high-strength steel vehicle bodies.

Henrob has recently installed a state of the art BOGE SF 100-2 frequency controlled screw compressor in order to optimise the energy efficiency of their compressed air system. As John Aldridge, the Equipment Operations Manager explains;
"Like many businesses we have noticed a steep rise in our energy costs as a result of increased electricity prices over the past months. As compressed air accounts for a high proportion of our site energy costs it became imperative for us to review our compressed air system to ensure we were operating as efficiently as possible.
We invited our long standing compressed air supplier Compressor Care (N.Wales) Ltd to review the compressed air system and propose ways in which we could reduce our compressed air related energy costs."

Derek Yates, Managing Director of the local BOGE distributor Compressor Care (N.Wales) Ltd suggested an energy audit in order to ascertain where energy savings could be made.
The existing compressed air system was subsequently data logged. The results identified that the fixed speed compressor was operating unloaded for 30% of its duty cycle.

John Aldridge comments; "Compressor Care (N.Wales) Ltd proposed installing a BOGE SF 100-2 frequency controlled screw compressor to become the main compressed air provider with the existing BOGE S 75 fixed speed screw compressor becoming the back-up unit.

The BOGE S 75 was installed over four years ago and in that time had proved to be very reliable so we had no qualms in opting for an additional BOGE screw compressor. Moreover, we had been working with Compressor Care (N.Wales) Ltd for many years, trusted their judgement and knew that they would be offering us a value for money option which would be supported by a responsive and overall good customer service."

BOGE SF series frequency controlled screw compressors work strictly in accordance with the compressed air demand by producing the exact volume of compressed air at the pressure required. Frequency control minimises idling time and evens out air demand fluctuations. This has ensured for Henrob that only the most economical and efficient use of the compressed air is produced regardless of peak or off-peak air demands or fluctuations in production levels.

Henrob opted to purchase the new energy efficient equipment with an interest free ‘energy-efficiency’ loan from the Carbon Trust. These loans are aimed at SME’s within the UK who are making a commitment to save energy by investing in energy efficient technologies to replace dated existing equipment.

John Aldridge concludes; "The upgraded compressed air system has already created a 16% reduction in the Companies energy bill. Moreover we expect to see a £6,000 per annum energy cost saving!"

Henrob has reduced their energy bill by 16% in just 3 months!
This has been achieved by introducing an energy efficient
BOGE SF 100-2 frequency controlled screw compressor

Henrob is a world leader in self-pierce fastening technology
Pictured above steel frame manufacture

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