05/2008 - Eight years reliable service

PPG Refinish, a global manufacturer of refinish paints for the automotive sector, has enjoyed over 8 years reliable and absolutely oil free compressed air by installing two BOGE SO 150 oil free screw compressors in their Stowmarket manufacturing site. PPG Refinish in Stowmarket is a division of one of the world's largest chemical companies - PPG Industries - responsible for manufacturing coatings and speciality products for customers in the aftermarkets, construction, consumer, industrial and transportation sectors.
At the manufacturing site in Stowmarket, resins are manufactured for refinish paints, coatings and primers used extensively in the automotive sector. Compressed air is used within the production process to actuate valves.

Some 8 years ago, Brett Ward, the Engineering Manager of the Eastside Resins Department at PPG Refinish, realised there was a need to move away from oil lubricated compressors. Brett Ward said;
"The site manufactures resins for refinishing paints, a process which releases gases and vapours into the atmosphere which can be highly flammable. As such, areas of the production site are classified as Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2 and equipment in these zones must be well protected against providing any sources of ignition. As a result the site must be intrinsically safe. The existing compressed air system included oil lubricated compressors which was creating a heightened risk of fire within the pipe work system.
Additionally, the risk of oil carryover from using an oil lubricated compressor meant that an extensive down the line treatment process was required."

Brett Ward invited BOGE, along with some other oil-free compressor manufacturers, to assess the compressed air needs of the site. BOGE recommended replacing the oil lubricated compressors with two BOGE SO 150 oil free screw compressors.

The BOGE SO 150 is a direct driven oil free screw compressor divided into three clearly defined sections; electrical and drive section, compressor section and cooling section. Know-how in the design, layout and manufacturing of oil free compressors is key to trouble free operation and product longevity - something that has only been mastered by a small number of manufacturers.
For PPG Refinish, the intelligent layout of the BOGE SO oil free screw compressor would not only ensure absolutely oil free compressed air but also a longer service life and greater availability of air.

Two BOGE SO 150 oil free screw compressors were subsequently installed. Brett Ward said "We chose the BOGE SO series oil free screw compressors because BOGE offered us a competitive price and package. After 8 years in service the two SO 150's have proven to be very reliable. By opting for the BOGE oil free screw compressor we have importantly eliminated the risk of fire and oil carryover. We continue to work with BOGE for our service and maintenance needs."

PPF Refinish enjoyed over 8 years of reliable and absolutely oil free compressed air by installing two BOGE SO 150 oil free screw compressors in their Stowmarket manufacturing site

Opting for the BOGE oil free screw compressors also eliminated the risk of fire within a highly flammable production process

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