11/2009 - BOGE writes up energy savings for Sinclairs

Sinclairs, the manufacturer of the well known Silvine brand of stationery, has improved the efficiency of its compressed air system by 25% through upgrading to a BOGE CL7 and S29 screw compressor accompanied with a BOGE trinity energy management control system. Sinclairs is a world class manufacturer of paper based stationery products based on the outskirts of the Yorkshire Dales. Amongst a number of products, Sinclairs manufactures the well known Silvine brand of stationery - a brand many of us have grown up with - from the familiar red books to the unmistakable blue and white marbled-stripe hardback notebooks!
At their 21,000 square metre production and warehousing facility, compressed air is used to power a number of their print machines.

As an ISO14001 accredited company, Sinclairs adheres to an environmental policy. One objective of this policy is to make significant reductions to their energy consumption. To achieve this goal the company has been systematically appraising and upgrading where appropriate all sources of energy usage.
This process led Bryan Green, the Chief Engineer at Sinclairs to call on BOGE to review the efficiency of the compressed air system. A free site survey from BOGE revealed that by upgrading the ageing compressors, Sinclairs could improve the efficiency of the system by 25% and reduce the associated energy costs.

Bryan Green said "We already had a BOGE compressor powering one of the machines and we were impressed with it - especially how quiet it was in operation. The savings BOGE estimated were substantial and so we decided to upgrade the system."

The BOGE CL7 and S29 screw compressors along with a trinity controller were later installed.

The BOGE CL series provides a small, quiet and low output screw compressor option. A compact design ensures a small footprint. The CL series is also noted for its very low sound pressure levels. High performance damping and lamellar graphite casting ensure highly effective silencing producing sound levels as low as 59 dB(A), making it ideal in point of use applications.
Equally important all service components are easily accessible from one point to allow future maintenance work to be carried out in a hassle-free manner.

The BOGE trinity is a modern transducer operated changeover switch designed to control up to three compressors. The system automatically sets itself to optimise pressure cascading - only the maximum pressure (Pmax) and the minimum pressure (Pmin) need to be entered into the controller.
trinity takes control of a compressed air system and ensures that only the compressed air required at any one time is produced. For Sinclairs including a trinity controller would ensure reduced operating costs as each compressor used is optimised in the most energy efficient way (kW/m3/min).

Bryan Green said "Since the equipment has been installed, BOGE has been back to data log the new compressed air system and the results have been very pleasing confirming that we have in fact improved the system efficiency by 25% as estimated. The service we received from BOGE was very professional and we now rely on them for all our service and backup needs."

Sinclairs has improved compressed air system efficiency by upgrading to a BOGE CL7 and S29

Sinclairs is a world class manufacturer of paper based stationery products based on the outskirts of the Yorkshire Dales

Sinclairs manufactures the well known Silvine brand of stationery

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