Plain Sailing for 5 Years

BOGE bestcair
5 year warranty

All new BOGE screw compressors come with a free 5-year warranty option. Year 1 is the statutory manufacturer’s warranty. Years 2 to 5 inclusive is the BOGE UK extended warranty gift - BOGE bestcair. This includes primarily major components cover, i.e. airend, motor, cooler or electronic controller.

When you are pricing up a new compressor make sure you are comparing like for like! The BOGE bestcair extended warranty is free of charge. Competitors charge extra for extended warranty cover.

BOGE bestcair - the BOGE UK Extended Warranty Gift

  • 5 year major component cover; 5 year warranty cover is your opportunity to enhance the screw compressor’s performance. The first year is fully covered by standard warranty and by your statutory rights in law. Beyond the first year the additional cover is only valid if you choose to follow the BOGE service schedule, using BOGE Authorised Service Technicians, genuine BOGE spare parts and only approved lubricants. By following the recommendations you will ensure optimum performance and virtually eliminate the risk of breakdown and downtime.
  • Accurate maintenance budgeting; Taking advantage of BOGE bestcair means you can accurately predict your annual compressor maintenance budget. No major unforeseen breakdown/repair bills throughout the 5-year period.
  • Assured reliability; Routine maintenance ensures that the compressor always performs at its optimum, reducing both power and down the line air treatment costs. Furthermore, in the event of an unforeseen failure, BOGE bestcair provides the fastest no cost solution.
  • Increased residual value; A full service history ensures you a premium on the compressors residual value whenever you trade-in or sell-on in future years. The BOGE bestcair 5-year extended warranty can be transferred so long as there is an up to date log book / service history.
  • Reduced energy costs; Regular maintenance ensures that your compressor works at its optimum performance. This means that its energy costs are predictable. Blocked filters, separators and certain oils will cost more in energy to run.
  • Peace of mind; comes with a BOGE screw compressor and the BOGE bestcair extended warranty.