BOGE & The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

Pressure Equipment - BOGE Products

Since 1994, our products have been subject to the Machines Directive (98/37/EC) and the Simple Pressure Vessels Directive (87/404/EEC).
After 29th May 2002 BOGE products will also be subject to conformity with the new Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC).

BSO 260As an example we can look at the BSO 260 compressor system. The BSO 260 model is a receiver mounted electrically driven reciprocating compressor. The receiver is in compliance with the simple pressure vessels directive and the compressor/electric drive and controls are in conformity with the machines directive.

After 29th May 2002 this will remain the same and in accordance with the conformity assessment procedure under the pressure equipment directive it is confirmed that this range will stay classified under the machines directive/simple pressure vessels directive without a requirement to meet the pressure equipment directive. This is also the case for the; S6 to S15 and SD6 to SD15.

BOGE are able to take advantage of an exclusion clause in the pressure equipment directive.

The Pressure Equipment Directive

The Pressure Equipment Directive identifies a minimum pressure requirement plus four equipment areas and also a combined equipment heading.
All equipment must operate at a pressure greater than 0.5 bar and that equipment is;

  • Vessels - larger than 1 litre (air receivers covered by the simple pressure vessels directive are excluded)
  • Piping - many types included except straight pipes delivered from a pipe stock supplier
  • Pressure Accessories - for instance pressure gauges, temperature sensors etc.
  • Safety Accessories - for instance pressure relief (safety) valves, high air temperature switches used as safety devices for compressor shut-down.
  • Assemblies - is the combined equipment heading of any two or more of the items above, for example a vessel plus a safety accessory.

All BOGE compressors have been identified with CE marking since 1994 and have been supplied with a declaration of conformity identifying the directive(s) to which our products have conformed. With the introduction of the pressure equipment directive a reference will be included on the declaration of conformity when appropriate.

You can be assured of the compliance of the BOGE products when you see the CE mark.

The pressure equipment directive identifies an area known as 'sound engineering practice' which restricts the use of the CE mark.
CLAn example is for our new models CL3 to CL7 also C4 to C9 and CD4 to CD9. The models do however comply with the machines directive and when supplied with a receiver that will comply with the simple pressure vessels directive. In both cases the equipment will then display a CE mark and be accompanied by a declaration of conformity to identify this fact.

Although we are unable to identify the CE mark with the pressure equipment directive for any of our products in these model ranges, you can be assured that the principles of the directive are maintained, and we use national codes to achieve a high standard of construction and this results in a safe product.


The directive identifies four categories of conformity;

  • Category 1 - is manufacturers own declaration for which BOGE will continue to use its own high standard to declare conformity of its product.
  • Category 2, 3 and 4 - requires a third party involvement by a Notified Body. Where BOGE compressors fall into these categories we will be using Germanischen Lloyd.

For further information and technical advice, contact Greg Bordiak direct at the British Compressed Air Society on: 0207 935 2464